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You Can’t Navigate out of a MOOC

My career in libraries began as a detour from religious studies, with a part-time graduate student job at the UVa Library’s Electronic Text Center. Once I started down this path, for better or worse, I never returned to a traditional … Continue reading

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DHSI: Summer of Love

A good conference might feature provocative presentations or lectures. Or for a business convention, the introduction of an exciting product or new program, with head-setted presenters pumping up the crowd. (See Steve Ballmer, “Developers! Developers! Developers!”) This is different. The … Continue reading

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Strangely Familiar

My favorite (if one can have a ‘favorite’ in a set of hated things) mis-used phrase, by virtue of its ubiquity and the frequency of its use and mis-use is: “blabbeddy blah blah blah, which begs the question….” I became … Continue reading

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